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Smart questions
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Marnz - 16.09.2018 - 21:15:40

Is it possible that this money smart card we can connect our Paypal and withdraw it from this card?

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awwas - 17.09.2018 - 05:55:50

Yes it is absolutely possible to add your card in paypal but withdrawal function is only available for commercial paypal account not for personal account

idealisticguy - 17.09.2018 - 10:44:21

Yes you can

Vikki - 17.09.2018 - 19:44:04

Yes you can. Just like any regular bank accounts, you can link your money smart card with Paypal. However, if you are thinking about withdrawals on money remitted through paypal, make sure that your paypal account is a Business Acct and not a Personal Account.

donMe0010 - 21.09.2018 - 02:32:46

Yes you can link this card to paypal. But you need balance here on your card because once you link your paypal, paypal will deduct an amount on your card but they will return it again. Same here

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