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Smart questions
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rahmt65 - 17.10.2020 - 23:29:22

How to deposit money to my smart bank account? HELP!

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ntegemusa - 18.10.2020 - 02:38:43

Call Adib they. Can help you

Rawia - 18.10.2020 - 06:53:12


Splattedface - 18.10.2020 - 10:46:33

Simply go to any ADIB ATM that would accept cash deposit. Please make sure that you have your card with you to make the cash deposit on the machine

thasser - 18.10.2020 - 15:05:04

ADIB has different atm machine for depositing. The one which has the Emirates ID slot is the depositing machine. You will need to know your account number and have your emirates id while depositing

Ahlamsadiya - 19.10.2020 - 12:19:04

Go to your nearest ADIB branch. You will find an ATM machine designed for depositing money.
Follow the instructions written there . And thus your money will be deposited in your account

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