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Smart questions
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teetea - 26.03.2020 - 08:01:31

Does anyone know a deposit Atm close to Reem?

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Natashahirani - 26.03.2020 - 08:07:11

Sorry I am not familiar with the area but have you tried the mall/ATM locator on the App and the ADIB website.

teetea - 26.03.2020 - 12:35:48

I checked the app but it only specifies Atm, I know some only have cash withdrawal option. I dont want to have a wasted journey.

Pantherrizza - 03.04.2020 - 03:08:01

in this link https://www.adib.ae/en/Pages/ATMBranches.aspx click on cash deposit machine

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