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Money saving tips

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pklim | 08.02.2017

simple way to save 30% on flights

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I travel regularly for a weekend to my home country. Lets say I travel on the 1st and on the 15th and back the 2 days later - so on the 3rd and of the 17th. I found that it is much cheaper to book 2 flights: 1) from UAE on 1st and back on the 17th. Second flight would be booked from my home country to UAE on the 3rd and back on the 15. (as opposed to booking the tickets for each weekend. The Airlines will charge much lower rate if you stay for more nights in your destination.

shamma.lootah1 wrote on 19.01.2021 at 10:42


Eng404 wrote on 19.01.2021 at 23:21

Tickets are not cheaper

fernet wrote on 25.01.2021 at 09:53

tickets take time for a refund if you change your flight

WajihaS | 28.01.2018

Wait 1-2 days before clicking "buy"

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Since the number of online purchases are increasing in this region and we are often victim to the influence of social media, it is important to find a system to help buffer impulse purchases.

Waiting for a day or two before spending money on things that cost more than a certain amount can help you save money. Plus, it'll help you be more mindful with your spending.

syedmtareq wrote on 06.06.2020 at 11:16

So many temptations across the web. Only a trained mind can resist them.

fernet wrote on 25.01.2021 at 09:54

better canvass first before buying

Raghda88 wrote on 02.02.2021 at 01:32

better canvass first before buying

Zohair | 24.05.2017

Easy Budgeting!

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Prepaid Card

Try getting a prepaid card and load it with money that you want to use for your monthly/daily spending... that way not only will you control how much you spend and keep track of it but also keep your funds in your account un-touched.
This is great for kids as well. Parents can give a prepaid card to them and give them funds in that card. Not only does it control spending but kids also get great financial education!

Sunshine wrote on 08.06.2017 at 15:21

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Zohair!
Can you please provide details of how we can apply for a prepaid card?

Zohair wrote on 12.06.2017 at 11:26

Several banks in the UAE offer prepaid cards. Check their websites to see what offers they have, charges and transaction benefits or costs. Pick the one that best serves your budget and lifestyle and apply online on their website. Most banks will have someone call you and get stuff done. Gone are the days of having to always visit a branch in the UAE :). I personally use ADIB's ISIC Prepaid Card. It gives me lots of benefits all over the world as well as some great deals in the UAE. So my 1 Dirham is worth more using that card than it would be if i just paid in cash...

sabcompk wrote on 05.10.2020 at 19:18

Awesome information

Zohair | 13.07.2018


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Hey guys! For all the early birds who have smart accounts:) here is a way to get more value. Download the free smartdeals app on your smartphone (iPhone and android) and use your smartbanking debit card to get over 1000 offers.
http://adib.ae/en/m/Pages/smartdeals-app.aspx Or go to the App Store/ google play.

SomadGrt wrote on 24.09.2019 at 12:39

Wow its great..

Eng404 wrote on 19.01.2021 at 23:22


Ba6aa wrote on 21.02.2021 at 13:20


SHAKIR95 | 29.06.2019

Save or Spend

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There is always two kinds of people that I noticed that some save and other spend. A question arise... What will i choose to do...
If save:
- First we need to understand from what we need to save. That is Income or Total Income which is the combined income of Active and Passive income. Active income is what you received through employment and Passive income is what income you receive through business / Investment / Other sources of income that is not related to employment.
Of the Total Income, Distribute the Income as follows:
- Save 40% of the total income you receive
- 20% for Day to Day Expenses
- 20% for Education / Family Expense
- 15% for recreation (tour, hangout with friends, etc)
- 5% for VAT
Note: The above can varry from person to person but 40% save is a must...

Final achievement for a person who save money is to create wealth. Now how to create wealth. First understand wealth and money...
Having money dosen't means you have wealth and having wealth means you have money
Now how do we generate or manage wealth in kinds of money
Step 1: Storage
Store 40% of total income
Step 2: Spend it on investement or startup business
Once the stored reached to a level you can spend in investements or startup business. Do it and dont wait or the rats might eat it. Also consult with SUCESSFULL people on what it need to be spend. Dont use your brain as that brain of your let reach where you are now so use the brain of people who has reached to certain level that you are trying to reach to...
Step 3: Broke - No money
Become broke by investments
Step 4: Active income = Passive Income
Continue the process untill you have it equal or passive being more.
If passive higher than the active, the difference is counted as one of the wealth. It takes considerable time to achieves to this level as many try to reduce the storage percentage to 10 or 20 due to high expense. Small Small drops of income from passive will generate in time huge income later on. So if the passive income from one business is low, dont worry...
By following this you can survives even if you are unemployed and also can achieve smaller Dreams But not achieving greater Dreams...

Now for whom spends:
For a person who create wealth, the better spend option is above untill he/she shifts himself/herself from an employee to an entrepreneur...
As for a person who is a entrpreneur, that is a complete different story. He works for WHY he do business instead of how I will do it.
His reasons is to create a legecy and working for achieving greater dreams. It means that he dont decrease the dream of his due to the wealth as many people do. Saver say it's ok to have a economy car instead of luxury car as both takes to a desired location. The entrepreneurs knows that money will flow to their bank account consistently even if he works as he is using other people to earn money for him. This is called leverage. For that he is a leader. They spend money as there is no restriction to it. They have delay gratification concept. The investement they do, they know that it doesn't give money same time but later. They take risks but still they enjoy there life to the fullest.

So find yourself what kind of person you want to be... Employment is the only thing that gives you bread and butter in beginning so respect it and also Dont think that employment can be a solution for ever even you have big pay cheques...

The above is what I heard from many sucessfull people. So as yourself which person you want to be ...
A Saver or a Spender...

Thank You

Malameri111 wrote on 04.07.2019 at 15:44

Sorry I want to chose like by mistake I chose dislike

Thanks for your suggestions I like it I hope I can do what you say

Thank you so much

MUDDASAR94 wrote on 06.07.2019 at 16:24

From Saving you must shift from Employee to a Businessman.


sabcompk wrote on 05.10.2020 at 19:19

thank you

Philip | 07.06.2018

For daily bus commutes - get a monthly pass

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If you find yourself having to take daily bus rides on a routine manner, monthly passes for unlimited rides are available which can help you save as much as 20% compared to using it in a prepaid manner.

London.A wrote on 09.06.2018 at 11:59

عصفوور باليد ولا عشرة عالشجرة

AishaAbdulRaouf wrote on 02.03.2020 at 15:52


Mon-Mon | 16.08.2018

Make your own gifts instead of buying stuff from the store

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If you want to save money while also giving generously, creating your own homemade gifts is one way to accomplish both goals. You can make food mixes, candles, fresh-baked bread or cookies, soap, and all kinds of other things at home quite easily and inexpensively.

These make spectacular gifts for others because they involve your personal touch — something you can’t buy from a store — and quite often they’re consumable, meaning they don’t wind up filling someone’s closet with junk. Even better – include a personal handwritten note with the gift.

idealisticguy wrote on 19.08.2018 at 18:58

it is nice. Thank you for the tips.

SomadGrt wrote on 24.09.2019 at 12:41

But effort makes lot of difference

syedaamirshah | 27.05.2018

How to Stop Spending Money 7 tips.

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1. Understand Your Spending Triggers
In many cases, knowing how to stop spending money has to do with identifying the emotional and psychological triggers that cause us to spend.

2. Track Your Spending
The littlest purchases can really add up, and by the time the end of the month rolls around, we can be facing a dwindling bank account and severe buyer’s remorse. Tracking your expenses is the key to successful budgeting, because it keeps you accountable for every dollar you’re spending. Once you’re aware of where your money is going, you’ll be in a better position to make smarter spending choices and to identify areas you can cut back in.

3. Stick to Cash and Stop Relying on Credit Cards
It’s more convenient to whip out a credit card to pay for a purchase than it is to count out a wad of bills, but this convenience is one of the reasons behind many people’s overspending. The downside of credit cards is the ease with which you can overspend; when we’re nonchalantly handing over our card to make a purchase, we’re often not aware of how much everything will add up at the end of the month.

With cash, you physically see how much you have, and how much of your funds are diminishing with each purchase. By paying only in cash, you’re forcing yourself to only spend what you have. So, give your credit cards a break and try to stick to a cash-based system to see if it will curb your spending habits.

4. Forget Your Credit Cards - Literally and Figuratively
When you head out to the mall or the grocery store, take only the amount of cash you anticipate you’ll need and leave the credit cards at home. Unless you know for certain you are going to buy something using the card and you have a plan to pay it off, there is no need to take your credit cards with you. By doing this, you avoid the temptation of using the card for a spur of the moment purchase, which is often the fastest way to find yourself in debt.

5. Set Short-Term Financial Goals
Setting some attainable, short-term financial goals is a great way to stay motivated as you alter your spending habits. Having these goals will constantly remind you of the reasons you’re cutting back on expenses and making a few sacrifices.

And, it’s important that your goals are specific. A generic goal like “decrease spending on eating out” isn’t going to cut it. Quantifiable goals, such as “I will decrease my spending on eating out from AED200 a month to AED100 a month” gives you a target to aim for, so you’re not shooting in the dark.

6. Learn How to Budget Money
Take a look at what you bring in compared to what you spend. Start by adding up all your sources of income, then tally up all your fixed expenses, such as car payments, rent, debt repayments, etc. Since these values are fixed, it’s easier to budget around them. Then list your variable spending, such as groceries, gas and entertainment, allocating funds to each category based on how much you’ve normally spent in the past.

Seeing how much you spend on entertainment, eating out, clothing, and other non-essentials can be a major wake up call. If you’re spending more than you earn, you’ll have to reign in things a bit.

7. Give Every Dirham a Job
Start telling your money where to go once you deposit your paycheque: pay all of your bills first, then move the remainder to other accounts, such as a savings account or your retirement fund. By ensuring that every dollar has a home, you’ll be less likely to spend away your entire paycheque. To make things easier, you can set up an automatic transfer on payday to divvy up your paycheque into separate accounts, so you won’t be tempted to spend it.

By proactively deciding what you want your money to do and where it should go, your financial awareness increases. And, having that awareness goes a long way in helping you make smarter financial choices.

WajihaS wrote on 29.05.2018 at 15:44

Very comprehensive and useful - thanks!

Philip wrote on 07.06.2018 at 13:30

Well written advice. Thanks!

hmzakeer wrote on 23.05.2019 at 14:25


AbuAhmad | 15.06.2017

The Best Way to Carry Money Overseas

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Use Card while traveling to avoid
1- Cash exchange as when you use currency exchange booths such as Forex or Travelex at the airport, it cost you much more then card.
2- Buy foreign currency in advance as the smart travelers don’t bother and know better than to get lousy stateside exchange rates. Wait until you arrive at your destination as there are plenty of ATMs.
3- Figure out currency conversions.
4- Assume you’ll be shortchanged.
5- Coins can become worthless when you leave a country.

Radwa wrote on 02.07.2017 at 13:59

I had no idea I paye xtra on using my card abroad! thanks for this!

Mirna-ibrahim wrote on 09.02.2021 at 18:00

Many of us may not be aware that almost all banks in the UAE charge what is called a foreign currency transaction fee every time you make a transaction abroad. The charge could be anywhere between 1.5% to almost 3%. One way to get around this fee is to use credit cards that offer cashback on the same card when using for purchases abroad. And obviously the cashback should be more than the foeign transaction fee that the bank charges you. Prepaid forex travel card is perhaps a good alternative. The biggest advantage is that you can lock in the exchange rate the day you purchase such a prepaid card and hence you will not face the vagaries of changing currency rates

Alix wrote on 03.05.2021 at 14:30

Thank you, nice tips

AbuOusama | 08.05.2018

General Advice

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Don't buy that $300 bag to have nothing in it.
Buy that $10 bag to have $290 in it.
Don't go broke trying to look rich.

WajihaS wrote on 08.05.2018 at 12:58

That's a great way to reiterate how we should spend our money.

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