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Interested in a topic you would like to discuss with other community members? You can create your own group or join an existing group on a specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating a new group, it’s always helpful to check if a similar group already exists, so all discussions on a certain topic happen at the same place!

Elsayed | 16.07.2018


4 Members - "TAX"

)Value Added Tax in United Arab Emirates (Discussions

shenara | 05.07.2018

Mortgage Advisor

4 Members

Home loan, Refinance, buyout.
تمويلات عقارية، شراء مديونيات عقارية، اعادة رهن عقار للحصول على سيولة مالية للاستثمار
استشاري الرهن والتمويل العقاري

افضل الحلول

salimbj | 28.05.2018

Bit Coins and Crypto Currency

4 Members

This group is mainly about crypto currency and future usage, one sentnce "Ride the Wave"

WajihaS | 12.04.2018

Debt Advice Center

3 Members - "Smarter financial choices for a healthier you. "

The place to help you make the right choices to deal with your debt problems and get your finances back into shape.

Rawia | 14.09.2017

Deals and Discounts

84 Members

Look out for new deals and discounts.

ameinc | 29.08.2017

Money Books

8 Members - "Which three books on money do you recommend?"

If you could choose only three books on the topic money which ones would you recommend?

I'll start with:
* Think and grow rich - Napoleon Hill
* Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki
* Money Master the Game - Tony Robbins

Dragon | 29.08.2017


25 Members - "Share experience, discuss risks and potential upside, recommend investment"

Are you interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency? Do you wish to discuss their investment potential, possible applications of their underlying technologies, ICOs or any other topic in the cryptocurrency world? This is a dedicated group for all crypto experts, newbies and everyone willing to discuss from this exciting technology world. Feel free to share your thoughts!

kmourabet28 | 17.08.2017

Buying a car in the UAE

7 Members

Tips for saving and how to finance a car in the UAE

kmourabet28 | 12.06.2017

UAE Real Estate

21 Members - "To Rent or To Buy"

A group to discuss the benefits of renting or buying in the UAE. This is a long standing debate in the country, and people have different opinions about which approach is best. Your opinion counts!

stephanhurholz | 11.06.2017


97 Members - "Making banking smarter one innovation at a time"

Let's discuss how we can further improve our smartbanking offering to better reflect your needs and wants. All ideas are welcome!

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