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Interested in a topic you would like to discuss with other community members? You can create your own group or join an existing group on a specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating a new group, it’s always helpful to check if a similar group already exists, so all discussions on a certain topic happen at the same place!

Sheikha51 | 07.01.2020

تبادل المعرفة

2 Members

تبادل المعرفة عن الجهات التي تطبق الخصوم على المشتريات و أفضل التطبيقات وأكثرها مصداقية

Sheikha51 | 06.01.2020


3 Members

مشاركة أماكن الخصومات والأسعار الخاصة بمستخدمي بطاقة smart mony

monooooo | 31.12.2019

مقترحات تطوير

2 Members

طرح افكار ومقترحات لتطوير موني سمارت من خلال افكار جديده ومبتكرة.

Jassi | 30.12.2019

Important tips for using the Cheque book in UAE and anywhere in around the world

1 Member - "Chequebook usage awareness"

Troonzki | 17.12.2019


1 Member

Discussion with regards to AirBnB.

HIGHNESS | 11.12.2019


2 Members


hfourany | 24.11.2019

Saving Mondy Advice

4 Members

This group to find out all most advice regarding saving money

Wasimloots | 20.11.2019

Loan sharks

2 Members - "Get through your loan"

If you want to know more about loans and how to get them, join here and we can discuss it all through the process.

Khansaab | 05.11.2019

SMART Investments

1 Member - "X Factor"

Here we will discuss How one can invest in a different Smart ways and Types of Investments. And discuss The X Factor (Multiplyer Effect ) . Money x Multiply with Regular interval. Time horizon. Risk of lossing investment capital. Regular income from investment.

JULIUSTIMPERIAL7777 | 04.11.2019


5 Members - "Coming together is the Beginning, Keeping together is Progress, Working together is Success."

We will be discussing best ways & practices to make our money work for us instead of us working for money. We will apply S-M-A-R-T: S-pecific M-easurable A-attainable R-ealistic T-ime framed strategies.
1. Name & 1 unique about you.
2. Nationality
3. Your profession
4. Your dream life
5. How can each member help each other
6. Your passion
7. Financial topics to discuss

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