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Interested in a topic you would like to discuss with other community members? You can create your own group or join an existing group on a specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating a new group, it’s always helpful to check if a similar group already exists, so all discussions on a certain topic happen at the same place!

shahji216 | 03.02.2020

Saving Money House Wives

8 Members

Here we cab share our ideas , how to to save money.
Specially those house wives who are expert in savings.

syedmtareq | 01.02.2020


1 Member - "Protect your identity protect your money"

We will share experiences and best practices for avoiding digital identity theft.

Mjallad | 25.01.2020

التخطيط المالي وادارة النفقات والمصارف

8 Members - "خطط ووفر وانفق ولا تخسر"

تجارب في التخطيط المالي والتوفير

aziza | 24.01.2020

اسئلة مالية

3 Members - "التوفير افضل طريقة للنجاح"

وضع حلول وافكار للقضاء علي الديون المترتبة علينا وكيفية التوفير

والاستفادة من المشاريع المتاحة مع ضمان عائد مادي .

Shaizi | 21.01.2020


1 Member - "information "

All the right people come to this group

Saif123 | 19.01.2020


1 Member - "Abu dhabi friends "

Dear friends join us with our new group

NID | 13.01.2020


5 Members

“A penny saved is worth two pennies earned . . . after taxes. ”

THIS IS BY Randy Thurman

Mdibrahim1 | 10.01.2020

Adib group

2 Members

Honesty is the best policy..

MOHAMEDATTA2 | 07.01.2020

Money smart group for experience

1 Member

Group for answers questions related to services for users

Sheikha51 | 07.01.2020

تبادل المعرفة

2 Members

تبادل المعرفة عن الجهات التي تطبق الخصوم على المشتريات و أفضل التطبيقات وأكثرها مصداقية

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