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Interested in a topic you would like to discuss with other community members? You can create your own group or join an existing group on a specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating a new group, it’s always helpful to check if a similar group already exists, so all discussions on a certain topic happen at the same place!

Joyyy | 14.10.2018


5 Members - "Save as u can"

Some tip how to double the earning while saving.

WidadAbdellah | 23.07.2019

الأرباح التي ممكن الاستفادة منها

5 Members - "العروض و الخصومات موني سمارت"

جميع عروض المحلات و المطاعم لحاملي بطاقة موني سمارت

JULIUSTIMPERIAL7777 | 04.11.2019


5 Members - "Coming together is the Beginning, Keeping together is Progress, Working together is Success."

We will be discussing best ways & practices to make our money work for us instead of us working for money. We will apply S-M-A-R-T: S-pecific M-easurable A-attainable R-ealistic T-ime framed strategies.
1. Name & 1 unique about you.
2. Nationality
3. Your profession
4. Your dream life
5. How can each member help each other
6. Your passion
7. Financial topics to discuss

NID | 13.01.2020


5 Members

“A penny saved is worth two pennies earned . . . after taxes. ”

THIS IS BY Randy Thurman

Reenaal | 21.02.2020

Frugally Smart

5 Members - "Let’s share deals and discounts "

Ever since I started living abroad, I became more aware of my spending habits. I have realized there are many hidden ways to find the best deals here in the UAE. This is space for everyone who’s looking to spend smartly and feeling like you got the best deal!
Whether you are single, married or a parent whatever your occupation is let’s create a community to be frugally smart.

JULIUSTIMPERIAL7777 | 04.03.2020



Let us discuss how to build business and grow rich :-)

Zohair | 08.02.2017

Moving To UAE

4 Members - "Making the move and settling down in the UAE easy!"

A friendly group where we can discuss tips and ways to make it easy for expats to settle in the UAE. So come in and feel free to contribute!

idealisticguy | 22.08.2018


4 Members - "To have all CLIENT Connections and Collaborations about the Bank Services in UAE. "

The Group is made to have communications, Dialogue, connections and collaborations about the clients or customer experience of the services of the Bank in UAE. This group wants to help each person to understand and have idea about the services of the Bank in UAE.

Elsayed | 16.07.2018


4 Members - "TAX"

)Value Added Tax in United Arab Emirates (Discussions

shenara | 05.07.2018

Mortgage Advisor

4 Members

Home loan, Refinance, buyout.
تمويلات عقارية، شراء مديونيات عقارية، اعادة رهن عقار للحصول على سيولة مالية للاستثمار
استشاري الرهن والتمويل العقاري

افضل الحلول

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