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Interested in a topic you would like to discuss with other community members? You can create your own group or join an existing group on a specific topic and start the discussion. Before creating a new group, it’s always helpful to check if a similar group already exists, so all discussions on a certain topic happen at the same place!

stephanhurholz | 11.06.2017


121 Members - "Making banking smarter one innovation at a time"

Let's discuss how we can further improve our smartbanking offering to better reflect your needs and wants. All ideas are welcome!

Rawia | 14.09.2017

Deals and Discounts

100 Members

Look out for new deals and discounts.

Michael | 06.06.2017

Library of Articles

74 Members - "Discuss articles posted on moneysmart.ae"

Share your thoughts and experiences based on articles shared on www.moneysmart.ae

SKIM | 31.07.2018

Small Business Investment Idea In UAE

41 Members - "Small Business Investment Idea In UAE"

Pls share your idea for Small Business Investment Idea In UAE.In small investment how to make money in UAE.

Dragon | 29.08.2017


26 Members - "Share experience, discuss risks and potential upside, recommend investment"

Are you interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency? Do you wish to discuss their investment potential, possible applications of their underlying technologies, ICOs or any other topic in the cryptocurrency world? This is a dedicated group for all crypto experts, newbies and everyone willing to discuss from this exciting technology world. Feel free to share your thoughts!

kmourabet28 | 12.06.2017

UAE Real Estate

25 Members - "To Rent or To Buy"

A group to discuss the benefits of renting or buying in the UAE. This is a long standing debate in the country, and people have different opinions about which approach is best. Your opinion counts!

Zohair | 16.01.2019

Mobile App Group

21 Members - "Making smartbanking mobile app the simplest, practical and friendly banking app in UAE"

This group is dedicated for queries, feedback, ideas on the smartbanking mobile app. Group members will be frequently asked to join the smartbanking development team to co-create new features, improve and enhance the mobile app.
Sign up if you want to be an early adopter and want to test new features with the app before everyone else gets to use.

UsamaZ | 13.02.2017

Entrepreneurs Unite!

20 Members - "Bringing change - one business at a time. "

Do you run a business or does the idea of quitting your 9-5 and becoming your own boss excite you?
This group is dedicated to igniting, empowering and growing business ideas and connecting people.
Join in for meetups, discussions, debates, with like minded-people as well as regular mentorship sessions with successful businessmen from across the region.

buhawe | 24.12.2018

Filipino Community in UAE

18 Members

Q&A for a better understanding of ADIB offers and tips

shahji216 | 03.02.2020

Saving Money House Wives

15 Members

Here we cab share our ideas , how to to save money.
Specially those house wives who are expert in savings.

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