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Frugally Smart: ADIB money smart tips and tricks All discussions

ADIB money smart tips and tricks

From Reenaal on 21.02.2020 at 12:46

Let me start my first post with ADIBs money smart.

Straight up, I’m loving the money smart concept here are my reasons why:

•Let’s state the obvious, no min balance or account fees:

Not only it’s great for working individuals but it is perfect for people who want to save some money, yet are not committed to a job and have to worry about being penalized for not paying a monthly fee.

•Super easy money transfer:

Living abroad, I was introduced to a way that you can transfer money to a friend in seconds through an app. Whether you want to split payments in a restaurant or just send money. After finding about this app, I made my family apply for this account, so we can transfer money to each other in seconds. This is great for parents who want to transfer money to their children specially, god forbid, in emergencies with no charge. As stated on the site, Students (with Student ID) and aged below 24 are eligible to apply.

•ADIB smart deals:

Have you heard of ADIBs smart DEALS!!
You’ll find over +1000 great deals of buy 1 and get one free meals or up to 20% off in restaurants, coffee shops, lifestyle, activities and wellness. All you need to do it is download smartdeals app in the App Store. click the offer of your choice, make sure you ask the cashier if they accept ADIB smartdeals. There’ll be a code or number that you’ll provide the cashier and VOILA!!

I hope this is helpful to everyone, if you have any tips and tricks please share.

AHMAD0000 wrote on 27.02.2020 at 13:46

مرحباً عزيزي ، شكراً على قبولي ، اسمي نفيس أحمد الأول من إندونيسيا ، ونحن نعيش في المملكة المتحدة وأعتقد أننا يمكن أن نكون أصدقاء حميمين هنا ، من فضلك لدي أشياء مهمة لمناقشتها معك ، ولكن هل يمكن أن تتصل بي من فضلك البريد الإلكتروني،


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