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Group College Kids
Started by haneened on 05.10.2019 "The STRUGGLE you're in today is developing the STRENGTH you'll need tomorrow"

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Money Smart bank app is out!!!!!

From haneened on 03.11.2019 at 10:02

It is available to both android and IOS users!!


From haneened on 31.10.2019 at 23:52

Try not to order every single day. Save food by going to the dinning hall of you university/college. If you’re lucky the food will be free, otherwise it’s at least cheaper

sathishnp83 wrote on 01.11.2019 at 10:56

So nice


From WafaMubarak7 on 05.10.2019 at 19:05

as college kids we need to work hard to achieve our dreams

sathishnp83 wrote on 06.10.2019 at 06:39

Nice and great

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